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Cuento Original: A story of a girl named Jessica and her Kitten in a jar

Dedicado a Heather Jessica Pellecer


Once upon a time, there was this girl, whose name was Jessica, and she lived in a little house. It was so little that she barely had any space to share, and even more, our girl was an artist and any available space was filled her works.

She was happy, even on rainy days; the only drawback those days was that, sometimes, she felt bored, because of the obligated stay.

Maybe if she could have some kind of a pet. But, what pet could fit in that very, very, very little house?

One day, however, Jessica heard a very soft sound. She looked all over the little house, checked in every corner, below everything, and could not find anything.

At some point, she even thought that maybe it was all in her imagination. But at night, when she was preparing to sleep, Jessica heard the sound again, it was so hushed…

It was like the crying of a little baby, but a very little one…

Suddenly, she noticed that a glass jar of her cupboard had moved. She was a brave girl, but even so, she felt a little upset about this inexplicable phenomenon.

As I said, she was a brave girl, so, little by little, step by step, Jessica approached the glass jar, but as she tried to grab it, it rolled away a little, and whenever she tried to even touch it, the jar would roll away, until it reached the wall: there was no escape now…

So, Jessica grabbed the glass jar, and, what did she find?

A cat that was so little that fitted inside a jar. Well, truly it was a kitten, but still he was too little even for a kitten. Jessica liked weird things, so she loved the kitten.

Jessica proceeded to open the jar to let the kitten come off, and thinking that he could be hungry fixed him dinner, a dish with milk, but the dish was too big for the little cat to reach, and when he did, he stumbled inside and almost drown.

So Jessica used the cap of the glass jar to pour the milk.

It was the beginning of a nice friendship between our girl Jessica and the kitten.

As you may see in this little story everything seems to fit. I guess that some of you may ask, “but, how did that kitten ended up in that glass jar?” I could tell you, but I rather let you try to imagine.

Jessica would not allow her kitten to develop any inferiority complex, so in the first place she called him Napoleon, because Napoleon Bonaparte was a man whose height was little but his will was high.

Imagen: Propiedad de Heather Jessica Pellecer.

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claraq dijo...

Napoleon, the tiny kitty. Nice.

lusifergua dijo...

Si no me contás toda la historia no hubiera entendido...